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Saudi Detainee Appeals End to Saudi Aggression on Neighboring Yemen

17 September 2015 19:36



Military media in Yemen broadcast a video footage of one of the Saudi soldiers who were arrested by the Yemeni army and people’s committees during the confrontations on the border front with Saudi Arabia.

The prisoner named Ibrahim Arraj Mohammed Hakami of the Fourth Battalion, First Brigade, based in Jizan.

Al-Hakami thanked the Yemeni army and People’s Committees who “have dealt with us in the best ways and provided us with all the needs.”

“The Saudi army and the Defense Ministry should stop this war which is of no benefit but the destruction and killing of our brothers in Yemen,” he appealed in the name of the detained Saudi soldiers.

“Do not believe what you are told of the justifications for this war and we are brothers in religion and neighbors and this war is an abuse of the relationship between us and neighboring Yemen,” the prisoner added.

The Saudi detainee appeared in very good condition and assured his family that he was fine and wished to meet them soon.

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