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Allah-u Akbar: One million Yemeni Fighters Prepare to Attack zionist Saudi regime

18 September 2015 15:14

One million Yemeni Fighters Prepare to Attack Saudi Arabia

One million Yemeni Fighters Prepare to Attack Saudi Arabia

A million Yemeni tribal fighters are gathering near the border with Saudi Arabia in preparation to invade the Kingdom, Iran’s Kayhan newspaper has reported.

According to informed sources in Sanaa “the political forces and the tribes of Yemen announced a general alarm to mobilize one million Yemeni fighters near the border with Saudi Arabia to invade its territory and curb its aggression on Yemen.”

The paper quoted a spokesman of Yemeni army, Brigadier General Sharaf Ghalib Luqman, saying that his army has captured Saudi, Emirati, Bahraini and Qatari fighters in the province of Marib and will present them to the media in the coming days, Middle East Monitor reported.

It added that Yemeni army units and Houthi Popular Movement have besieged two Qatari battalions in Marib and that Qatar has appealed to Saudi Arabia not to bomb the region to ensure its citizens will not be victims of “friendly fire”.

Remarking on the Houthi attack on the Safer camp in Marib, Kayhan reported that Saudi Arabia has moved all soldiers from the base into its territory after the killing of 300 Emirati, Saudi and Bahraini fighters.

Also according to the News International Huthi fighters captured several troops from Saudi Arabia, parading one of the soldiers on television.

The Al-Masirah television late on Wednesday showed footage of a man dressed in military fatigues who identified himself as Sergeant Ibrahim Hakmi of a Saudi brigade based in the Jazan border area.

The man said he was being held along with several other Saudi soldiers.


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