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Senior Cleric: Iranian Nation Firm against US

18 September 2015 19:21


Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi said the Iranian nation will continue resistance against the US under any kind of condition.
“Iran is on the path of swift progress and it will never surrender to the arrogant powers,” he said.

The senior cleric noted that the Supreme Leader Aytaollah Khamenei has always declared the Revolution as being dynamic and it is an ethical, religious, and cultural revolution.

He addressed those who claim that the Islamic Revolution has come to an end and said that the young generation has stepped into the path of progress and prosperity.

Seddiqi, elsewhere, slammed the Zionists’ storm into Al-Aqsa Mosque saying that the criminals’ atrocities know no boundary and they are even committed to law.

He regretted that United Nations shows no reaction and supports the killers in practice.

Late in August, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei warned of the US and the Zionist regime’s continued enmity towards Iran, urging the government and people to keep vigilant.

Noting that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, hostility of the Zionists and Americans against Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution have not been decreased, he underlined that the reality should not lose its importance in the minds of the officials.

“Of course, methods of hostility and harming might be modernized; however, the political, economic and cultural officials should be careful in order not to be trapped by the enemy’s pre-determined plan and that any decision willingly or unwillingly should not help hostile policy of the bullying powers,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

The Leader said the hostile and explicit goals of enemies can be understood in words and writings and no one should forget that the camp of enemy has taken position against the Iranian nation and the country with ready arms, and added, “We should also carefully form our own camp and make due decisions and measures against enemies as per the situation.”

He said that of course, the officials are not the only ones who must detect the never-ending hostility of Zionists and Americans and people at large, specially those caring for the Revolution, should take the reality into consideration. “The statesmen, however, shoulder heavier duty in this respect.”

The Supreme Leader warned against complicated and gradual meddling of the enemy into Iran’s domestic affairs, and said the revolutionary stances and fundamentals of the late Imam Khomeini should be brought to the notice of the enemy without any fear and with no shy.

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