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At Least 80 Terrorists Killed in Syria’s Lattakia

19 September 2015 17:52



The army backed by the popular defense groups killed at least 80 terrorists in military operations against the Takfiri terrorists in the countryside of Lattakia on Saturday.

A military source said that at least 33 terrorists, most of them from al-Nusra Front, were killed in military operations in the camp of al-Atira village in Rabi’aa area, 60 km to the North of Lattakia.

The source further said that 7 terrorists’ vehicles were also destroyed with all arms and ammunition inside them in military operations. All terrorists onboard were killed.

The army also targeted positions of the terrorist groups in al-Souda village in the Northeastern countryside of Lattakia, killing 47 terrorists.

Syria has been grappling with a deadly crisis since March 2011. The violence fuelled by Takfiri groups has so far claimed the lives of over 240,000 people, according to reports.

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