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Britain’s Labor Party Leader Blames West over Emergence of ISIL Terrorist Group

19 September 2015 18:10


Jeremy Corbyn, the newly appointed leaser of the British Labor Party, said that the western interventions in the Middle East region contributed to the rise of the terrorist group of ISIL.

Speaking in an interview with the Middle East Eye, Corbyn said that the ISIL is, in part, the product of western interventions in the Middle East.

The Labor leader said the ISIL terrorist group didn’t come from nowhere.

“The London policy of supply Riyadh with weapons has been a mistake,” the anti-war politician underscored.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Corbyn said that the UK would be much safer if it stopped following the US foreign policy.

He further added that the western efforts to bomb Syria would “create more mayhem”.

“The ISIL terrorist group should be isolated and the other parties in the region should grow more united to eradicate the ISIL,” Corbyn further added.

A week ago, Veteran far-left lawmaker Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership election of the UK Labor Party after obtaining over 59 percent of votes in the first round.

Sixty-six-year-old Corbyn has been widely referred to as one of the most “rebellious” Labor members of parliament. In 1984, Corbyn was arrested outside the South African embassy for violating a protest ban during apartheid times. He had voted against Britain’s participation in the Iraq war, criticized ex-Labor leader Miliband for too much austerity, and had repeatedly spoke out against renewing the British Trident nuclear deterrent infrastructure.

Corbyn is also the chairman of the Stop the War Coalition.

The leadership race was triggered by Labor leader Ed Miliband’s resignation, after his party garnered only 232 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons, the lower house of British parliament, at the May 7 general election. The Conservatives won 331 seats, securing a majority government.

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