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Hammad: The Aqsa Mosque became within an ace of liberation

19 September 2015 18:13


Senior Hamas official Fathi Hammad has said the Aqsa Mosque has come within an ace of liberation, warning the Israeli occupation government of persisting in its aggression against the Islamic holy shrine.

Hammad made his remarks during a massive rally staged on Friday afternoon in north Gaza in support of the Aqsa Mosque, which is exposed nowadays to frenzied attacks by Israel and its settlers.

“One day, Israel will pay a heavy price,” the Hamas official emphasized.

He expressed his belief that the occupation would never be able to tighten its grip on the Aqsa Mosque, regardless of its attempts to achieve that.

Hammad urged in his speech the Palestinian people in the West Bank to rise up in the face of the occupation and its collaborators.

He also denounced the Palestinian Authority for its ongoing security collaboration with the occupation and called for its return to the arms of its own people.

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