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US, a military power of occupation

22 September 2015 22:56


The US lecturing world powers on international behavior is an offense to the sensibilities of the entire human race, a political commentator and journalist in New York says.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Don DeBar said the United States is the military power of occupation that is possibly larger than some 100 countries combined.

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice warned China on Monday over its alleged incursions in cyberspace, the dispute over the South China Sea, and global currency markets.

“As my critics allege, I can be rather direct. I can assure you that President Obama will be just as direct when he meets with President Xi,” Rice said in a speech at George Washington University, just days ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Washington.

“Everyone has to play by the same rules, regardless of size or power; because that’s the way everyone can compete or be treated equally,” she added.

The Obama administration official went on to accuse China of taking steps which “erode the international system or that slowly eat away at a rules-based order and universal rights.”

Commenting to Press TV, DeBar said, “I have to scratch my head every time I see someone like Susan Rice or Samantha Power – or Barack Obama, for that matter – get up on a lectern and start lecturing the world on how to behave in a moral and legal fashion and in an appropriate and constructive fashion.”

“Those people are the front for some of the most illegal and offensive policies, not to mention immoral policies, that have been employed since Hitler, and I am saying that knowing that they have been using a Hitler analogy to demonize each and every head of state they’ve attacked as they’ve been destroying societies for decades now,” he stated.

“But in fact that’s the historical analogy, the last nation state that behaved in a way that the United States behaves, albeit on a much smaller scale, limited to the continent of Europe or perhaps North Africa, South West Asia,” he added.

“The United States is a global player with a larger military, for example in Asia, than China has, and also a larger military in Asia – not in terms of foot soldiers but in terms of the military presence and weaponry and the things that matter in an engagement – than China, Japan and Russia combined, and that’s just in Asia,” the analyst pointed out.

“In the Mediterranean, in the area around the Middle East, in and around Africa, across the African continent, the United States is the military power of occupation of maybe better than 100 countries — outright occupation as in Japan and in South Korea for example, softer occupation by command and control as across Africa with AFRICOM [United States Africa Command],” he noted.

“So for [US officials] to lecture anyone about anything having to do with any international behavior, it really is an offense to the sensibilities of the entire human race, the whole planet, that sees this and sees the actual behavior takes place, and has to try to reckon with it somehow,” DeBar concluded.

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