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US behind EU’s refugee crisis: North Korea

22 September 2015 9:34


North Korea has blamed the United States for Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis while European Union countries still stand divided on how to deal with the influx of asylum seeker converging on the continent.

The war, which began 2001 “in the name of counterterrorism by a US-led NATO coalition in Afghanistan, has resulted in the present-day refugee problem,” said North Korea’s state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper in an article published on Monday.

The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror.

According to a UPI report, in the article titled “The author of the refugee crisis [in Europe] is the United States,” Pyongyang dubbed Washington as the “kingpin of human rights violations,” adding that the US slaughtered people and caused countries to collapse.

The article also stated that Washington’s “arbitrariness has dug the current grave for humanitarian values.”

Following months of indecision on how to deal with the large numbers of refugees pouring into Europe, interior ministers are set to meet on Tuesday and discuss mandatory quotas to spread asylum seekers across EU member states. The result will be presented at an emergency summit of leaders in Brussels on Wednesday.

North Korea slams Japan overseas bill

On Sunday, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that Tokyo’s ratification of bills permitting overseas operations for Japan’s military is in preparation for an invasion of North Korea.

“[Japan’s] security laws are an ugly product of collusion between the United States, which seeks to realize its ambition of dominating Asia and the world using Japan’s shock troops, and Japan that seeks to invade countries abroad by piggybacking on the United States,” said the spokesman.

He added that his country is under great threat while highlighting Japan’s participation in US army drills in the region.

Last week, Japanese lawmakers approved a set of controversial security bills that would allow the country’s military to participate in foreign operations in order to protect allies such as the US even if there was no direct threat to Tokyo.

The new laws alter Japan’s 1945 constitution, which barred Tokyo from combat except in self-defense.

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