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ISIL Comes Under Iraqi Forces’ Tight Siege in Fallujah

24 September 2015 8:14


The latest reports from Fallujah in Anbar province on Wednesday said the ISIL Takfiri terrorists have come under a tight siege by the Iraqi army and the popular forces.

FNA dispatches said the Iraqi army and popular troops made new gains in areas around Fallujah and managed to complete the siege of the city.

The local sources said that the Iraqi forces are preparing to enter Fallujah.

Last week, the popular forces made new gains in the vicinity of Fallujah by seizing back the strategic village of al-Tafaheh.

Last month, the Iraqi Hezbollah forces raided the ISIL’s positions in al-Hayakel region in the Southeastern parts of Fallujah.

Also, the Iraqi popular forces backed by the army managed to purge different parts of Anbar province of Takfiri terrorists over past several months.

According to local sources, Iraqi army troops have destroyed a vital supply tunnel of the ISIL Takfiri militants in the Southern flank of Fallujah in recent days.

“The Iraqi ground force, in coordination with the country’s air force, targeted and destroyed a supplying tunnel of the ISIL starting from the industrial area South of Fallujah and ending in the outskirts of al-Hayakel area,” the sources said.

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