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‘Nearly 100,000 children in England homeless’

24 September 2015 23:34



A new study reveals a rise in homeless children in England with nearly 100,000 now living in temporary accommodations.

Figures show a 12% rise in homeless kids compared to last year. In June,66,980 individuals or families reportedly registered as without any accommodation or shelter of their own. Almost a third of them were said to lost their homes in the private rented sector.

The statistics showing homeless children, however, do not include those rough sleepers. The most recent data suggests there were about 2,700 people living on England’s streets in autumn 2014.

Sky-high housing costs force many Britons to live on streets


Meanwhile, charities working for homeless have rejected the government claim of having “strong welfare safety net” saying the housing benefit fails to keep pace with the rent rise.

“Unfortunately, what today’s statistics are showing us is that 30% of people who are being accepted as homeless are homeless because they are losing their home in the private rented sector and unfortunately the cost of housing benefit simply isn’t keeping pace with market rents and that is making it extremely difficult for people,” Hannah Gousy, of homelessness charity Crisis, said.

According to the government figures, most homeless families with children are living in self-contained accommodation with a kitchen and bathroom. But more than 2,500 are living in bed and breakfast accommodation – 25% higher than a year earlier.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of charity Shelter, said the figures painted a “grim picture of the devastating impact welfare changes and sky-high housing costs”.

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