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US targets our religion: Ayatollah Khatami

24 September 2015 22:30


Under the guise of human rights, the US is busy hatching plots against Iran and still supports collapse of the Islamic Republic, prayers leader Ayatollah Khatami said on Thursday.

Addressing the worshipers at the Eid Al-Adha prayers on Thurday, the Ayatollah said, “the US has targeted our religion.”

“The issues ‘after’ the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are more important than the JCPOA solely,” the religious cleric underlined.

“The US wants to say that the ice between Tehran and Washington has melted,” said the Ayatollah, adding, “It is not true… We are hostile to the US, because it supports the Zionist regime.”

“The US also supports the terrorist group of Daesh in Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” he noted.

“The important issue in the JCPOA is that it will not be acceptable unless all unjust anti-Iran sanctions are lifted and not suspended,” he stressed.

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