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Rouhani, Zarif offers condolences over tragedy in Mecca

25 September 2015 13:38



Upon landing in New York, President Rouhani issued a statement on the tragic death of pilgrims near Mecca.

President Rouhani issued a condoling statement upon landing in New York late on Thursday.

‘The passing away of our beloved Hajj pilgrims beside the Muslim Ummah and injury of many others in Mecca is the source of regret,’ the Iranian president said in his message.

Rouhani meanwhile called the Saudi government responsible for the death of thousands of Hajj pilgrims in Mina near Mecca.

President also tasked his First Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri with forming a sepecial committee to follow-up the causes of the tragedy and plan immediate assistance as soon as popssible. He asserted that dispatching relief and rescue teams and in case of need sending airplanes to Saudi Arabia, dealing with the affairs of the Hajj pilgrims, injured of the incident, and dispatch of the deceased pilgrims to the country tops agenda of following up the Mina incident.

Jahangiri is also asked to inform the Iranian nation especially those who have lost dear ones in the incident on the findings of the committee.

Rouhani has also tasked provincial governers to meet with families of the deceaced pilgrims to offer Presidential condolences.

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