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1000’s march in Spain for Catalonia’s independence

26 September 2015 11:46



Thousands of people in the Spanish city of Barcelona have taken part in a massive march to renew support for Catalonia’s independence from Spain just ahead of legislative polls in the ethnic region.

Huge crowds waved Catalonia’s red-and-yellow flags with a white star on a blue triangle during the demonstration on Friday to express support for the region’s cessation from Spain amid a pledge by Catalan President Artur Mas to break with Madrid in “18 months to 2 years” in case of an election victory.

“Clearly, if we get a majority of the votes on September 27, then that’s the referendum done,” Mas declared on Wednesday. He further vowed to declare independence within two years after an electoral win by the “Junts pel Sí”(Together for yes) movement.

Catalan pro-independence supporters take part in a march dubbed “Way of Freedom for the Republic of Catalonia” on the Catalunya’s National Day in Barcelona, Spain, on September 11, 2015. © Reuters


Legislative polls are due to be held in Catalonia on Sunday. Backers of Catalan cessation from Spain consider the election as a sort of independence referendum. They are counting on a major victory for the “Junts pel Sí” coalition, which advocates independence of the key region.

Mas also warned Spanish authorities in Madrid that Catalonia, which remains the country’s wealthiest region as it produces nearly one-fifth of Spain’s entire GDP, will not help in paying off Madrid’s debts if it moves ahead with plans to block the referendum on Catalan independence.

“If it does not make an agreement with Catalonia, how will Spain be able to pay back its debts, which will rise to 120 percent of its output, while it loses the most productive part of its economy?” he asked.

Catalan pro-independence supporters hold a huge Catalonian flag during a rally called “Via Lliure a la Republica Catalana” (Way of Freedom for the Republic of Catalonia) on the Catalunya’s National Day in Barcelona, Spain on September 11, 2015. © Reuters


This is while “Junts pel Sí” would need 68 of 135 seats in the Parliament to acquire a majority. However, it can achieve the goal with only 45 percent of the vote due to the Catalan election system.

According to local reports, while the pro-independence was taking place in Barcelona, Spain’s ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) released a video in which its senior members, including Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, urged Catalans to reject the cessation bid.

Madrid insists the referendum would violate the Spanish constitution and is therefore illegitimate.

A massive pro-independence march, called “Via Lliure a la Republica Catalana” (“Gateway to the Catalan Republic”), was also held on September 11, drawing at least 1.4 million supporters.

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