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Another bomb explodes in Chinese city

1 October 2015 8:14

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Another bomb blast has hit the same city in south China where several bombs killed seven people a day earlier.

The latest explosion took place at a house in Liucheng County in the city of Liuzhou, located in the southern Guangxi region, at around 08:00 local time (00:00 GMT) on Thursday.

State media said that authorities were investigating the new blast, and that no casualties have been reported. The cause of the blast is not yet clear.

‘Not terrorism’

On Wednesday, 17 separate explosions hit Liucheng. At least seven people were killed in the blasts, dozens of others were injured, and two more were missing.

Police believe the explosions were caused by bombs placed in the mail. Postal service for the city has been halted until Saturday.

The blasts targeted a bus station, a shopping mall, several government buildings, a hospital, and local markets, among other targets, according to police.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security said it was treating the Wednesday blasts as criminal acts, and not acts of terrorism.

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