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Some Muslims ‘problem’ for US: Trump

1 October 2015 8:11


US presidential contender Donald Trump says many Muslims are “phenomenal” people, but some of them pose a “problem” for the United States.

The front-runner Republican candidate made the remarks in an interview with CNN on Wednesday when asked to comment on a September incident at a rally in New Hampshire where a Trump supporter ranted against Muslims and asked him how he planned to eradicate terrorist “training camps.”

Trump just sought to laugh off the comment at the time. He was criticized by many rival candidates for not forcefully denouncing the man and failing to correct him when he called President Barack Obama a Muslim and non-American.

Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon that he would not handle the situation differently if it were to arise again.

“He said Muslims are a problem, OK? That’s what he said, OK? Are they a problem? You tell me,” the New York billionaire said.

“I don’t see the people … that knocked down the World Trade Center going back to Sweden. OK? So he said Muslims are a problem,” he added.

Asked whether he personally believes Muslims are posing a problem to the US, Trump responded, “I think a certain segment are certainly a problem.”

“Unless you want to be so politically correct where you want me to say, ‘Oh, absolutely not,’” he added.

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