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Passenger plane loses contact with control tower in Indonesia

2 October 2015 16:51

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A small Indonesian passenger plane carrying 10 people has lost contact with air traffic control during a flight in the country’s eastern region, officials say.

Indonesian aviation sources confirmed that authorities had lost contact with an Aviastar Twin Otter DHC-6 aircraft after it departed from Sulawesi Island’s Masamba Airport in North Luwu, on Friday.

Wisnu Darjono, an official at Indonesia’s flight safety agency, said the plane had been traveling between Masamba and the provincial capital, Makassar.

Officials say the aircraft was carrying four adults, three children and three crew members.

According to Makassar Airport’s general manager, Abdul Munir, the plane went missing about eight minutes into its one-hour flight.

The head of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, Bambang Sulistyo, said more details will be released as his team is expected to arrive at Masamba later in the day.

“It’s already dark now, but things can change depending on the latest development,” Sulistyo said.

A rescue team has been dispatched to search for the plane.

Indonesia has been plagued by transportation accidents involving planes, trains, and ferries in recent years.

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