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Saudi’s irrationality turned Mina incident into crime: offcial

3 October 2015 9:47



Iranian Intelligence Minister has said Saudi Arabia took up an unwise and unfair approach towards Mina incident to and turned it into a crime.

On the sidelines of the ceremony on arrival of Mina victims, Seyed Mahmoud Alavi asserted on return of all bodies, saying that, “investigating the incident and transfer of Iranian pilgrims to Iran as well as handling the legal proceedings have been put on the agenda.”

“The Iranian government’s commitment to the nation requires us take solid steps to defend their rights with planned and careful actions,” he added.

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence further stated that, “If at the moment of the accident Saudi Arabia had expressed sympathy and had taken up a moral approach, it would certainly affect other nations; however, instead of humane and emotional behavior, Saudi government followed an irrational method which turned the tragedy into a disaster.”

In line with the Leader’s comments, Iran’s Intelligent Minister warned against hasty judgment and concluded that, “relevant investigations are being carried out and the moment we get to conclusions, we will announce the results to inform the Iranian nation.”

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