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Rouhani: Iran Demands Punishment of Saudi Officials Responsible for Mina Tragedy

4 October 2015 9:28


Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani underlined that Tehran seeks punishment of the Saudi officials who are responsible for the recent stampede incident in Mina which killed over 4,000 pilgrims, including hundreds of Iranians.

Addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday to pay tribute to the bodies of 104 Iranian pilgrims who died in Mina incident late in September, Sheikh Rouhani said it should be clarified if anyone is to blame for this incident or not, and Iran will then ask for justice and punishment of those responsible for the incident if it is proved that police or security forces have failed to comply with their duties.

465 Iranian pilgrims were killed in Mina incident and the bodies of 104 of them were returned home on Saturday.

Noting that Iran has, so far, used the language of sympathy, brotherhood, politeness and diplomacy vis-a-vis the Saudis to pursue the death of the Iranian nationals, Rouhani said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will also speak in the language of might and power, if necessary.”

He stressed that the reality of this catastrophe should come under light in full details, and said, “All Muslim nations should come to realize through a fact-finding committee the cause of this disaster and they should be assured that such catastrophes will not occur in coming years.”

A stampede during one of the last rituals of the Hajj season on September 24 killed at least 4,173 people and left thousands wounded.

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