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Inhuman Cameron says ‘will use nuclear weapons if circumstances occur’

5 October 2015 21:03



British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he will launch a nuclear attack against another country if circumstances occur. 

Cameron has told the BBC that nuclear bombs are “the ultimate insurance policy” and said any nuclear attack by Britain against any country will be “justified”.

The prime minister’s remarks came after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would not use nuclear bombs on another country’s population.

“If you … believe like me that Britain should keep the ultimate insurance policy of an independent nuclear deterrent, you have to accept there are circumstances in which its use would be justified,” Cameron has been quoted as saying by The Independent.

“If you give any other answer then you are, frankly, undermining our national security, undermining our deterrent.”

Corbyn has said last week that he would not use the nuclear weapons and that the UK should not be spending money on them.

“I don’t think we should be spending £100bn on renewing Trident. That is a quarter of our defence budget,” he said.

The Parliament is set to vote on whether to renew the country’s current system of nuclear weapons known as the Trident system.

Corbyn opposes renewal, but some Labour MPs have said they disagree with him.

The Opposition’s official policy remains in support of Trident after the party’s leadership failed to secure a policy vote to change it at annual conference last week, The Independent added.

The SNP and Green Party oppose Trident. The Liberal Democrats want a small nuclear weapons system which they say would be less costly.

Chris Bambery, a UK-based political commentator, has told Press TV that Cameron is hyping up the rhetoric over the use of nuclear weapons to bolster his position inside the Conservative Party.

Bambery has said that the British prime minister lacks the required authority to use the nuclear weapons and requires an authorization from the United States to do so.


He added that it is still not clear on which potential country Britain would use its nuclear weapons as underscored by Cameron in his remarks.

“The idea of Britain going to [nuclear] war with Russia and China is laughable,” Bambery told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

“It is hard to see in reality that Britain would ever be engaged in a nuclear war which of course would lead to the destruction of Britain,” he added.



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