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Cleric stresses ideological confrontation with Takfiris

6 October 2015 11:40


Prominent Lebanese cleric warned agaisnt Takfiri (excommunication) groups targetting image of Islam stressing necessity of ideological confrontation with the deviate group.

Cleric stresses ideological confrontation with Takfiris

Sheikh Ali Yassin, head of Association of Scholsrs of Tyre in Lebanon, referred to the role of Zionists in creation of Takfiri groups, demanding ideological confrontation with the terrorist group, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

According to the cleric US and Zionists, masterminded Takfiri groups in line with realization of their plots for the Middle East region.

He related on the objectives of the arrogant powers in supporting Takfiri groups and noted,” US is trying to assisst the Zionist regime via its supports for Takfiri terrorist groups and helping the survival of the cancerous tumor in the region.”

Sheikh Ali Yassin stressed that confrontation with Takfiri groups mandates military as well as ideological efforts and added,” Scientific centers can play an important role for the objective and stand up against extremist thoughts through ideological fields.”

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