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US commander’s approval behind airstike on Kunduz hospeital

6 October 2015 9:13


Even if the Afghans asked for US support in Kunduz, the US airstrike against an MSF hospital still had to “be approved by a US commander,” says a former Pentagon official.

US military commander in Afghanistan General John Campbell said earlier on Monday that the deadly US airstrike was carried out at the request of Afghan forces.

In a Monday interview with Press TV, Michael Maloof described the US airstrike on the Doctors Without Borders hospital on Saturday in the northern city of Kunduz as “tragic”.

Maloof further questioned the reason behind the approval of the strike by the US commander.

“When the Afghan forces make such a request, it still has to be approved by a US commander,” Maloof argued.
The top US commander​ had previously said that American troops were under Taliban fire and had called in the strike. It termed the hospital as “collateral damage.”

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