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Ansarullah: Tuesday’s Assault in Aden Result of Coalition’s Support for ISIL, Al-Qaeda

7 October 2015 16:49



Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement Abdul-Malik al-Houthi blamed the all-out support by the Saudi-led forces for the ISIL and Al-Qaeda terrorists as the main reason for the Tuesday attack on Qasr hotel in Aden where former Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah was staying.

“The reason for yesterday’s explosions in Aden was cooperation of the aggressors (coalition countries) with the Al-Qaeda and ISIL that opened their way to the city,” al-Houthi said on Wednesday.

He reiterated that the Aden blasts took place after the Arab countries allied with Saudi Arabia paved the way for the presence of the ISIL and Al-Qaeda in Aden.

On Tuesday, rocket-propelled grenade attacks on the hotel killed at least 18 of Bahah’s Emirati guards.

Bahah escaped to Saudi Arabia once again after his UAE guards were killed in the attack.

A number of officials from the former Yemeni regime, including Bahah, were reportedly staying at the hotel.

An unspecified number of individuals have also been wounded in the attacks.

It is not immediately clear if any of the former Yemeni officials said to be residing at the hotel are among the casualties.

However, other reports said Khaled Bahah escaped unharmed.

Sources also said Khaled Bahah and his cabinet members were evacuated by a UAE helicopter.

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