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Iraqi Forces Seize Back Strategic Regions in Ramadi

7 October 2015 16:47



The Iraqi army along with popular forces won back control over several strategic areas in the city of Ramadi in Al-Anbar province in Western Iraq on Wednesday.

Head of Anbar’s Provincial Council Sabah Karhout Sabah Karhout said minutes ago that security forces and the Iraqi popular forces, Al-Hashad Al-Shabi fighters, seized full control over strategic regions in Ramdi.

According to reports, the Iraqi forces have made huge gains in their military campaign against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Ramadi, and succeeded in recapturing Al-Zankura and most parts of Albou Reesha from the militants.

The Iraqi forces also gained control of Albu Jalib and Al-Adnaniyah on Wednesday, and inflicted heavy casualties. According to report, tens of terrorists were killed and dozens were also injured in heavy clashes with the Iraqi troops.

Meantime, Iraqi politicans said Baghdad has asked for Russia’s assistance in the ongoing war on Takfiri terrorists after it saw a serious lack of resolve on the part of the US-led coalition to fight ISIL.

“Baghdad turned to Russia after it witnessed lack of seriousness of the US-led coalition in the fight against the Takfiri terrorist group,” Head of Iraq’s Badr Organization Hadi al-Ameri said.

The top commander of the Iraqi popular forces blasted the western media for supporting the ISIL, and said, “There will be a decisive battle against the ISIL in the coming days which will change the military equations in the region.”

On Monday, a spokesman for Iraqi popular forces announced that the Iraqi forces are advancing in different battlefronts against the Takfiri terrorists as the Arab country has formed a quadrilateral front against the ISIL with Iran, Russia and Syria.

“With the start of military operations by the quadrilateral coalition comprising Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria against terrorism we will witness intensified military operations of the joint forces in all fronts in the coming days,” Ahmed al-Assadi told FNA.

He reiterated that the intelligence which is to be gathered by the coalition countries on enemy movements will expedite the future battles, and said, “The quadrilateral coalition will increase its efforts to suppress terrorist groups and the destruction of the ISIL will happen sooner by giving joint security information and intelligence to the military units in the battlefield.”

On Sunday, a senior Iraqi politician revealed that his country along with Iran, Russia and Syria have set up an information exchange center which will pave the ground for the formation of a quadrilateral operations room in campaign against terrorism.

“The information center has been formed some days ago after 6 months of discussions,” Political Advisor to the Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Mohsen Hakim told FNA.

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