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Syrian Army Kills, Wounds 77 More Militants in Hama Operations

9 October 2015 16:13



Military officials said on Friday that the Syrian Armed Forces’ operations in the Northern parts of the Central province of Hama against the militant groups left over 77 terrorists dead or wounded.

The sources said that 5 terrorists were killed and 12 others were injured in the Syrian army troops’ operations in Kafr Zeita town, one of al-Nusra Fronts’ important strongholds in the province.

The sources said that over 30 terrorists, including on the militant commander.were also injured in the army’s operations in the outskirts of Kafr Nabbouda.

An army unit also killed 30 terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicles to the North of Tallet al-Sayad.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army forces, supported by the Russian fighter jets and helicopters, advanced 70km inside the province of Hama.

Some 50km deep into the freed areas were under the occupation of Jeish al-Fateh terrorist group which is supported by Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian forces managed to advance in the Northern countryside of Hama with the support of the Russian airstrikes against the terrorists’ positions.

They could retake control of Kafr Nabouda town, Markabat, Atshan, and al-Moghayr villages and Sakik, al-Havir, al-Sakhar and Tal Othman hills.

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