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Iran would ‘unswervingly support Yemen’ against Saudi onslaught

10 October 2015 10:32



Parliament first deputy-speaker has told a Yemeni delegation Iran will be unswerving in its support for Yemen against any Saudi strikes targeting innocent women and children.

Seyed Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard received the deputy-head of Supreme Revolutionary Council of Yemen Mr. Naef Khaef on Wednesday evening to discuss the latest developments in Yemeni crisis.

Aboutorabifard hailed Yemeni resistance against the intruders; “recent events in Yemen have depicted the image of an intrepid nation to the world which would not be brought to its knees through bombardment,” he told his Yemeni guest, reiterating Islamic Republic of Iran’s ‘unswerving support’ for the country against Saudi strikes; “Saudi regime has the least international prestige, and it provides boosts for terrorist groups in the region; we believe that the future belongs to Yemeni people, and they will be the ultimate victor, if God preordains,” Parliament first deputy-speaker emphasized.

Aboutorabifard also highlighted using the capacities of Asian and world Parliamentary Associations to help bring security and stability to Yemen. Mr. Naef Khaef expressed deep gratitude for the Islamic Republic of Iran for its spiritual support to Yemeni people; “the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the sole umbrella of support for our people against trespassers,” he said.

He severely denounced the policy of silence by the international community in their sheer failure in helping Yemeni people with dealing with the situation; “daily bombarding and siege on Yemeni people are telling examples of crime against humanity; we believe effective publicizing the events in Yemen is a necessity now; however, mainstream media refuse to attend their inherent duty to communicate the news of Yemen to the world thanks to Saudi’s corrupting them by purchasing them,” he told the meeting.

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