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Masri: Israel will pay the same price for its crimes

10 October 2015 16:52


Senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri has warned the Israeli occupation that it will pay the same price for the crimes it persists in committing against the Palestinians people.

“You, the Zionists, have shut all the doors, so blame no one but yourself…Our message is, ‘You will be drinking from the same cup you have made us drink from,'” al-Masri said during a massive protest staged on Friday in Khan Younis, south of Gaza.

“Al-Quds intifada (uprising) has started and will be going forward,” the Hamas official emphasized.

He stressed that the popular uprising is one of the important means to curb the settlers’ violations, end the occupation and create new equations on the ground after the failure of the peaceful solutions.

He also called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership to end its security collaboration with the Israeli occupation, release the political detainees from its jails and give the resistance a free hand to defend its people in the West Bank.

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