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Rouhani censures time extension between N-deal, its implementation

10 October 2015 10:23



Iranian President Rouhani has criticized US hardliners for increasing the time period between the day of nuclear agreement in July and its consequent implementation.

Speaking today at the first international high-level Symposium on Industrial and Trade Policies Promoting Exports and Developing Employment in Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani maintained that nuclear negotiations took place because Iran pursued a new situation in its regional and international relations, calling the nuclear accord one of the greatest stages in the history of world diplomacy.

Noting that Iran had expected the time period between the accord and its implementation to be much shorter, the President said, “the framework of the agreement was signed in Lausanne followed by the accord being reached in July. We expected the deal would be implemented within a few weeks as all other predictions pointed to this fact.”

Rouhani went on to slam American hardliners for impeding the implementation of the JPCOA by turning it into a party issue, saying “allowing the nuclear deal which was a national issue to become entangled in the US congress was one of the greatest mistakes in US foreign policies.”

Rouhani deemed the US upcoming presidential elections the reason for this impediment, saying “elections with all its positive aspects cause certain troubles. In the US too, the elections have caused problems for the implementation of the JCOPA.”

The President further linked the country’s economic relations with the world influenced by the time of the JCOPA implementation, adding “there are many demands from foreign entrepreneurs to enter Iran’s capital market, but they are all waiting for the nuclear deal to be implemented and the sanctions to be removed.”

The first international high-level Symposium on Industrial and Trade Policies Promoting Exports and Developing Employment opened in Tehran today with an opening speech by President Rouhani. The event which hopes to use international experiences to improve Iran’s economic policy will last until 11 October, 2015.

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