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Sayyed Ali Fadlallah demands Arab, Muslim states to rise against Israel

10 October 2015 12:03


Sayyed Ali Fadlallah, prayer leader of Beirut, in his weekly sermon warned that the Zionist regime in its plan for dividing Al Aqsa Mosque and construction of Suleiman Statue in the holy site as a complementary phase for judaization of the historical mosque, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Lebanese Prominent Cleric criticized Arab states for their neutral stance in regards to the issue of Palestine and said,” Arab and Muslim countries are expected to take a tough stance against inhumane measures of the Zionist regime so that the Palestinian nation does not feel isolated amid the crimes committed by the Zionist regime.”

He also demanded Palestinian Jihadi groups to unite and stand next to the people in the third Intifada.

Prayer leader of Beirut noted that hoisting Palestinian flag in the United Nations is not enough saying,” The mere act of hanging Palestine flag in the UN does not bring benefits to the oppressed nation and theinternational body should challenge the cooperation of the US and Zoinist regime in their joint terror attacks.”

Sayyed Ali Fadlallah also touched upon Russia’s military operations in Syria and said,” Enemies are trying to define these measures in a religious ambiance and fuel the disagreements between Shia and Sunni communities while these operations are carried out merely as a political decisions by Moscow and do not have any ties with religious issues.”

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