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Syrians write their fate not US, Saudi cash: Top Iranian Security Official

10 October 2015 8:30


Secretary of Iranian Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said the future of Syria will not be determined by the monetary pressure from the US and Saudi Arabia, rather by the hands of its own people.

‘Three years ago, they failed in bringing down the popular government of President Bashar Asad. One and half year ago, they talked of a transitional government without Asad. Today they announce that Asad has to take part in the national unity government,’ he told IRNA after speaking at a local gathering to mark Basiji martyrs’ memorial on Friday.

‘The prospects of Syria is formed by continuation of these withdrawals as long the people of Syria determine who can rule over their country,’ he replied to a question on recent developments after Russia’s military operation in Syria.

He also hailed the contribution of Brigadier General Hossein Hamedani during the Saddam-imposed war (1980-88) and commomorated his martyrdom by Daesh terrorist group in Syria on Thursday.

Explaining that the IRGC commander was on a military consultant mission near the city of Aleppo, Shamkhani said he was killed in a car accident on a reconnaissance theater.

To a query, the SNSC secretary said that there are still a number of Iranian Hajj pilgrims whose fate is not clear following the tragic stampede incident in Mecca which claimed lives of thousands of pilgrims including hundreds of Iranians.

Definitely, he added, the government is seriously following up the case.

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