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More Stabbing Attacks Spread More Fear on zionists in Occupied Teritorries

12 October 2015 20:20



Three new stabbings in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and a car attack spread more fear among Israelis on Monday as Palestinian Foreign Minister warns the Zionist entity of a third Intifada.

In Monday’s first stabbing, an 18-year-old Palestinian identified as Mustafa al-Khatib attacked a policeman with a knife at an entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City and was shot dead by security forces.

The police officer’s protective vest stopped the knife and he was unharmed.

Later in the day, a female attacker stabbed an Israeli policeman near the force’s headquarters in Jerusalem and was shot and wounded by the occupation policeman, police said.

In the third attack, two Palestinians stabbed two Israelis in the east Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Zeev, with one attacker — reported to be 16 years old — killed and the other shot and seriously wounded.

18 stabbings have targeted the Israelis since October 3. The attacks have killed two Israelis and wounded around 20.

Zionist Entity “Seeking Third Intifada”

Palestinian foreign minister Riad al-Malki accused Israel of seeking to spark “a third intifada.”

“(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu wants to instigate a third intifada. He wants to avoid problems that he is facing in the political and diplomatic arena, where he has failed miserably,” Malki told AFP in Vienna.

Malki said Netanyahu had committed a “grave mistake by violating the status quo” of East Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa compound. Al-Aqsa have been for weeks a site for clashes between Zionist settlers and Palestinians who have been defending the holy Mosque against the Israeli desecration.

“Netanyahu is widening the scope of the conflict from a political one with the Palestinians — which always has a possibility of finding a political solution — to an unlimited war with Muslims around the world,” Malki warned.

Calling on Israel to act “according to international law”, he said there was nevertheless still “a possibility to contain” the crisis.

For his part, Netanyahu said that “knife terror will not defeat us.”

He spoke as a new session of parliament was opened, saying Israel had overcome previous waves of bombings, a reference to earlier Palestinian uprisings or intifadas.

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