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Syrian Army Repels ISIL Attack on Deir Ezzur Airbase, Kills over 120 Militants

12 October 2015 5:38


The Syrian Army repelled repeated ISIL assaults on its positions in Deir Ezzur Airbase, said local sources, adding that the militant group left behind over 120 casualties in the battle and retreated.

The sources said that the ISIL offensive to capture Deir Ezzur airbase failed and the Syria army troops killed nearly 120 militants in their counter-attack and pushed them back from the fighting area.

Also on Saturday, military sources reported large ISIL casualties in a Syrian Army attack on the strongholds of the terrorist group near Deir Ezzur airbase.

The sources said that the ISIL gathering centers in al-Jura and al-Qosur in the outskirts of Deir Ezzur airbase were massively hit by the Syrian army troops, leaving tens of the militants killed or wounded.

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