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Syrian Army Wins Back Strategic Town of Selma in Lattakia

12 October 2015 20:23



The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces, after fierce clashes on Sunday night and Monday morning, pushed back the militant groups from Selma in the coastal province of Lattakia, and retook full control over the town, informed sources announced minutes ago.

The sources said that the Syrian army troops alongside the Hezbollah fighters purged the surrounding al-Khazan hilltops of the terrorists on Sunday night and entered the town of Selma earlier today.

The sources added that the militant left behind dozens of killed or wounded members and retreated from the battlefront.

On Saturday, Syrian government troops, backed up by Russian warplanes, stormed the positions of al-Nusra Front in Kafr al-Dalbeh and recaptured the area after seven hours of heavy fighting.

Military sources in Damascus said that the Syrian army, which was significantly provided by the good aerial backup of the Russian warplanes, stormed the strongholds of Nusra militants and retook full control over the Kafr al-Dalbeh area.

The sources added that Nusra Front sustained heavy death toll in the army operations, including 15 killed and several more wounded members.

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