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Enemy seeking to ‘degrade, destroy’ Islamic Republic: Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Khamanei

13 October 2015 11:07


Leader of the Islamic Republic has told a meeting of IRIB regulatory body the soft war has focused on ‘weakening of youth beliefs’ and bringing internal crumble of the Islamic Republic.

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the meeting on Monday where he touched upon major topics of the soft war the enemies had been launching against the Islamic Republic of Iran during decades following the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Leader of the Islamic Republic highlighted the role of the IRIB as a major fighter in the frontline of such critical campaign, and emphasized on the ‘strict and disciplined planning to meet the challenge;’ “IRIB, willy-nilly, is engaged in an inevitable and grand-scale campaign, which is a front for soft war fueled by the enemies’ mainstream media and its satellite media subsidiaries,” he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei called all ‘qualified and committed experts’ and who are motivated for a deep analysis of the different aspects of the soft war; “soft war really seeks the objectives of the military war, however with more depth and complexity; unlike conventional military war, soft war would not be readily perceived or understood; even in many cases, the target communities are barely aware of the scope of the damage wrought upon by the soft war,” he asserted.

“In conventional military war, the public sentiments are aroused which brings about solidarity and national unity against a foreign threat, while in soft war, the motivations have long unraveled, and making consensus about what is threat divides the effective forces of the country further; the threats of soft war is not limited to Iran; however, it is a well-planned, multifaceted, and targeted warfare against us and which seeks to ‘degrade and destroy’ the Islamic system from within, albeit with saving the veneer; we believe that change of nature, Revolutionary ideals, and slogans would suffice to safely think of a system truly annihilated,” Ayatollah Khamenei told the meeting. “For example, for the enemy, and for its present purpose in soft war, whether a cleric leads the system makes little difference when the system actually serves the imperialism and its interests,” he illustrated.

“They [enemies] seek to influence the majority public and their belief systems including religious and cultural beliefs, especially those of the young cohort and the elites,” said the Leader. “Soft war underway currently seeks to change the image our nation has of the corrupt regime of the past; it efforts to make a resplendent image of the dark and filthy past; they work to infuse the public with the idea that such a Revolution had been totally unnecessary and anachronistic,” Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized.

“They work to persuade our youth that the present state of the affairs is a source of humiliation and shame, and the path to progress and better future is a road untrodden and fraught with dangers; they seek to deprive our youth of their hope,” the Leader told the meeting.

Ayatollah Khamenei also mentioned the promotion of ‘minimalist faith’ and ‘secular religion’ which would easily adopt itself to any social setting and personal conduct, as among the hidden motives of the foreign mainstream media; “in their very complex and well-defined plan, they are serious; however, we would not sit and just see the events with passive naivety,” he added.

He praised the attempts waged by the IRIB, believing that attempts should be deepened and advance [its purposes] without unnecessary pomposity and pretense, to persuade the audience along the desired objectives.

“A realistic, accurate, and well-grounded analysis of the domestic, regional, and international affairs is key to realization of the objectives set for IRIB vis-à-vis soft war embarked on by the enemies; such an analysis would consolidate and converge the minds and orientations in different levels of the organizational decision-making bodies,” he asserted.

He pointed to some critical points in the history of the contemporary world as internecine wars, death of the revolutions, and other issues; “Iran’s current condition against the US is comparable to France, four decades after the Revolutionary; this analogy is quite helpful in giving insights into our current situation and the huge progress we have made during these years,’ concluded the Leader.


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