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Iranian scientist designs eco-friendly nano-pesticide

14 October 2015 5:23


An Iranian researcher has harnessed nanotechnology to manufacture a type of pesticide that kills pests without affecting the environment.

Various types of synthesized pesticides are used all over the world, many of which are capable of having a negative effect on the environment, the Mehr News agency cited the project’s director, Dr. Narges Memarizadeh, as saying on Tuesday.

The photodegradable and biocompatible pesticide uses nanotechnology to boost performance thus decreasing the amount of required pesticide and its adverse impact on the environment.

In this project, Imidacloprid – a type of insecticide that acts upon insects’ central nervous system – is produced by direct encapsulation of liner polymers.

Memarizadeh noted that the formation of Imidacloprid nano-capsules has been verified via spectroscopy, microscopy and thermal analysis.

A significant decrease in the required dosage of pesticide and environmental hazards was registered when it was tested in vivo on a mulberry leaf moth, she said.

The nano-pesticide can be applied to such crops as ornamental plants, tobacco, pistachios and cotton.

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