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President Rouhani demands explanation on tragic Hajj stamped

14 October 2015 5:58


President Hassan Rouhani said Iran has called for identification of the causes behind the fatal stampede during Hajj rituals which claimed the lives of thousand of pilgrims including hundreds of Iranian nationals in Saudi Arabia.

‘The causes behind the painful tragedy have to be identified and explained to the public opinion in the world and in Iran,’ he said in late Tuesday comments broadcast on national TV.

‘People want to feel safe about future Hajj ceremonies,’ he added, expressing his condolences with the bereaved families of some 400 Iranian victims.

‘Good willing, the roots of the incident will be clarified so that it will not be repeated in future,’ the president said urging the Saudi government as the organizer of the annual Hajj ritual to take due measures in this regard.

He also suggested to regional countries to promote economic development through joint action in a bid to fight terrorist groups which are investing on the poverty of people.

‘Through economic development, we can create the basis to fight terrorism. Poverty recruits forces for terrorism,’ he added.

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