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Syrian Army Wins Back 13 Strategic Towns in Hama, Lattakia Provinces

14 October 2015 5:31


Syrian troops made further advances in the Central and Northern parts of the country with the help of the Russian air force, and seized back over two dozen strategic towns and a number of regions in the provinces of Hama and Lattakia in recent operations, the army’s general command announced in a statement on Tuesday.

The Syrian troops established full control over Kafar Nabouda, Atshan, Qubeibat, Maarakaba, Oum Harten, Sekik, Tal Sekik, Tal al-Sakher and al-Basha in the Northern countryside of Hama Province in Central Syria.

In the Northern province of Lattakia, the Syrian army took control of the towns of Jub al-Ahmar and Kafar Delbe, and Ruwaiset Khandaq Jamo, the statement said.

The Syrian army’s general command also said that the army units also targeted command centers and concentration points of terrorists in Tal A’as, Ruwaiset al-Qubour, Sama and Melouhet Katef al-Ghadr in Lattakia province.

Meantime, operations on both sides of the borderline between Hama and Idlib provinces resulted in the death of many terrorists, the destruction of a number of armored vehicles and ammunition depots in al-Tamane’a, Sekik, and Tal Sekik in Hama province. Five machine gun-equipped vehicles and three US-made TOW missile launch pads were also destroyed in Oum Harten in Hama province, the statement added.

The Syrian army’s general command also said that the army’s operations resulted in destruction of terrorists’ command centers and ammunition depots in Ma’aret al-Nu’man, Saraqeb, Haish, Muhambel, Tal Tera’I, Southern Khan Sheikhoun, al-Latamneh, and Habbit.

Earlier today, a large ammunition depot of ISIL terrorists in the Eastern territories of Hama province was destroyed as a result of the Russian fighter jets’ attacks on the group’s stronghold.

Local sources said that the Russia military air fleet in Syria carried out several airstrikes against the gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists in Aqayrbat in Eastern Hama, and destroyed ISIL’s weapon-ammunition depot.

Yesterday, the Syrian army retook 2 more strategic towns in the Northern countryside of Hama from the Takfiri militants.

The army regained full control over al-Lihaya and al-Mansoura towns yesterday.

Also earlier today, local officials declared that the Syrian Army’s operations near the newly-recaptured town of Selma in the coastal province of Lattakia, resulted in the killing and wounding of several terrorists, and the recapture of Tartiyah area.

The sources said that after restoring security to Selma on Monday, the Syrian army launched a fresh round of operation against the militant groups in Tartiyah area.

The sources added that Tartiyah was the scene heavy clashes between the army and militants since early hours of Tuesday, and finally the army troops pushed back the terrorists and entered the area.

The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces, after fierce clashes on Sunday night and Monday morning, pushed back the militant groups from Selma in the coastal province of Lattakia, and retook full control over the town.

Sources said that the Syrian army troops alongside the Hezbollah fighters purged the surrounding al-Khazan hilltops of the terrorists on Sunday night and entered the town of Selma early on Monday.

The sources added that the militant left behind dozens of killed or wounded members and retreated from the battlefront.

Also today, the Syrian army announced that its forces fended off massive attacks of the militant groups in the nearby areas of the coastal city of Lattakia, adding the militants sustained heavy losses in the army’s counter-attack.

The army said that the militant groups, who have sustained heavy losses in the Syrian and Russian airstrikes since September 30, stormed the government positions in Doreen town, its surrounding hills and Kafr Dalbeh area to revenge their failures in Selma town, which was recaptured by the Army soldiers on Monday.

The army rejected the militant groups’ claims of capturing Doreen town and Kafr Delbeh area from the government forces, and said the militant groups retreated their forces from the abovementioned fighting areas after scores of them were killed or wounded in the army’s counter-attack.

The army stressed that both Doreen town and Kafr Dalbeh areas are under the full control of the Syrian soldiers.

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