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Syrian Army, Resistance Forces Reinforce Positions in Aleppo Countryside

15 October 2015 9:26



The Syrian army and Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance forces reinforced their positions after purging terrorists from the new areas that they have recently won back in the countryside of Aleppo.

“The army and resistance forces fortified their positions with the help of the Russian warplanes in al-Harra and Kafr Tuna in Northeastern Aleppo,” a military source told FNA on Wednesday.

Large groups of Hezbollah forces arrived in Aleppo on Tuesday to join the Syrian army to carry out a large-scale anti-militant operation in the Northern city of Aleppo with the Russian aerial backup.

The source, meantime, dismissed some media reports claiming that the Syrian army had started withdrawal from al-Harra region.

He said that the ISIL tried to take back the newly-seized al-Harra region by launching a suicide attack on the Syrian army’s positions in the vicinity of al-Harra, but failed.

Some pro-ISIL media had claimed that the ISIL had entered al-Harra region and pushed back the Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters.

After the victory of the Syrian army and Hezbollah in Zabadani and the conclusion a six-month-long ceasefire agreement with the militants in the nearby areas of Syria-Lebanon border, a 200-member group of Hezbollah fighters has been dispatched to the battlefronts in Aleppo.

Sources said that the experienced fighters of Hezbollah, the Syrian army troops and the Russia air force are to carry out a massive joint operation to recapture the second important Syrian city of Aleppo in the coming day.

On Tuesday, the ISIL militants’ positions, supplying routes and munitions depots across the Northern province of Aleppo were massively targeted by the Syrian warplanes, leaving tens of terrorists killed or injured.

The sources said that the Syrian Air Forces targeted a long convoy of the ISIL vehicles in Jabboul, Howejine, Alam hills, Sabe’en and al-Ne’am areas in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The sources added that the Syrian air fleet carried out airstrikes against gatherings and supply routes of the ISIL in Deir Hafer and al-Sfeira in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo, which resulted in the destruction of all vehicles of the militants.

The ISIL terrorists’ strongholds in al-Sheikh Ahmad and Jub al-Safa villages in Deir Hafer in Aleppo province were also bombed by the Syrian army, killing and wounding several terrorists.

The Syrian air force also hit munitions depots of terrorists in Heijeneh, Qseir al-Ward, Tal al-Naa’am, Treidem and Um Damneh in Aleppo.

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