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16-year-old Palestinian girl shot dead by rabid dog Israeli troops

17 October 2015 13:34


A 16-year-old Palestinian girl on Saturday was shot dead by the inhuman Israeli occupation army in the southern West Bank province of al-Khalil allegedly after she carried out a stabbing attack.

Rabid dog Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri saucily claimed that the Palestinian minor Bayan Ayman Aseila was killed after she attempted to stab an Israeli occupation border cop, slightly wounding the officer in the hand.

The occupation army shot and killed the girl right away near the Israeli illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba built at the expense of Palestinians’ own lands.

18-year-old Fadl Mohamed al-Qawasma and 16-year-old Ahmad Hajis Aweisat were also fatally shot by the Israeli occupation army in al-Khalil and Occupied Jerusalem.

At least 14 Palestinian civilians were cold-bloodedly slaughtered by the Israeli occupation army across the occupied Palestinian territories in the ongoing Jerusalem Intifada.

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