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Commander: Iranian Army’s Elite Forces Equipped with Modern Anti-Armor, Air Defense Weapons

17 October 2015 20:45


Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Ground Force Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari said his forces have been equipped with state-of-the-art anti-armor and Air Defense weapons and equipment.

“The Ground Force’s Rapid Reaction Force is now equipped with the most modern anti-armor and Air Defense military hardware,” General Heidari told reporters on Saturday.

He said that the Ground Force’s Rapid Reaction Force has been formed for any possible threat in future, and added, “It is a unique unit in terms of both manpower, defense technologies, fire power and movement capabilities and mobility; these forces can be dispatched to the most remote regions of the country in the shortest period of time, that is within four hours, and immediately act and engage in battles.”

General Heidari pointed to the equipment supplied to the Ground Force’s Rapid Reaction Force, and said, “These weapons and equipment are unique and supplied to no other Army unit; the RPG-29 weapon system which enjoys mobility is one of such equipment.”

He referred to the heliborne and parachuting operations training of the Rapid Reaction Force, and said, “This unit can carry out missions under any kind of condition and in any place… .”

On Friday, Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said that the country’s Army forces are fully prepared to fight against enemies and terrorist groups threatening the country.

“Our fingers are on the triggers to confront the enemies’ threats,” General Pourdastan said in the Western province of Kermanshah on Friday.

Playing down the ISIL threat for the country he announced that “We have declared 40 kilometers of our borders as our redline and we do not allow the enemies to get near this redline”.

The Iranian commander pointed to the upcoming Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) wargames to be held in the coming days, and said, “The message of these wargames to the Iranian nation is that the country’s Armed Forces are in a state of full-preparedness.”

On September 22, the Iranian Armed Forces displayed the country’s latest home-made long-range and ballistic missiles during the annual military parades in Tehran and across the country on Tuesday.

The Iranian forces displayed various types of home-made ballistic and long-range missiles, including Sejjil and Qadr missiles.

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