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Saudi Head of Nusra Terrorists Killed in Syria

17 October 2015 13:20
(FILE)  Saudi Head of Nusra Front Operations Killed in Syria

(FILE) Saudi Head of Nusra Front Operations Killed in Syria


Abdul Mohsen Abdallah Ibrahim al-Charekh, a Saudi better known as Sanafi al-Nasr, was killed Thursday in an airstrike near the northern Syrian town of Dana.

He was top commander in Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Nusra Front .

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights chief Rami Abdurrahman says Al-Charekh, the alleged leader of Al Qaeda’s operations in Syria, was one of six men that the U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions on last year.

His death came three months after the U.S. killed top al-Qaida official Muhsin al-Fadhli. Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate is led by Abu Muhammed al-Golani.


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