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Terrorists Pinned Down in Syrian Air Attacks in Hama Province

17 October 2015 13:48


Military sources said that the militant groups have been grounded under heavy attacks of the Syrian Air Force in various parts of the Hama province.
The sources said that the militant groups in East of Ethriya, al-Uqairibat, East of al-Msoudiye, Ben Wardan castle, al-Ziara North of Hama, al-Anqawi in Eastern Hama and al-Mansoura North of Hama city were massively bombed by the Syrian fighter jets.

The accurate bombardments of the Syrian fighter jets caused the militant groups not to be able to come out of their hideouts to regroup.

The sources also said that the militant groups sustained heavy losses in Saturday morning bombing of the Russian jets.

On Friday, The Syrian Army offensive on the strongholds of the militant groups in al-Sirmaniyeh in the Hama province left scores of terrorist dead or wounded, informed sources said.

The sources said the near by areas of al-Sirmaniyeh village were the scenes of heavy clashes between the Syrian soldiers and the terrorists groups, which resulted in the killing of tens of militants.

The Syrian army recaptured a village in Hama province on Thursday, leaving a large group of terrorists dead.

The Syrian forces regained control of Al-Safsafah village in Hama, and killed a large number of militants.

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