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15 Palestinians rounded up in predawn Israeli sweep across West Bank

18 October 2015 9:00


At least 15 Palestinians were kidnapped by the zionist Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday in an arbitrary mass-abduction campaign launched across cities of the West Bank.

The 15 Palestinians, arrested on allegations of involvement in anti-occupation activities, were all dragged to an Israeli detention center pending further investigation.

Five of those arrested were civilian youths from the West Bank province of Bethlehem.

15-year-old Udai al-Amour and Muhannad al-Amour were among the five Bethlehem captives, a PIC news reporter documented.

Meanwhile, a horde of 200 Israeli vandals stormed a Palestinian cultivated land in southern Bethlehem and seized it shortly afterwards.

Clashes burst out in Salfit after Israeli special forces and eight army jeeps stormed the city and raked through residential neighborhoods, targeting Palestinian civilian homes with tear gas canisters all the way through.

A number of Palestinians choked on tear gas and received field treatment.

Five more Palestinian youngsters, including ex-prisoner Ali Udwan, were arrested in Qalqilya, in the northern West Bank.

The Israeli occupation soldiers further nabbed two Palestinian civilians from al-Khalil’s western town of Awa. Both arrestees were dragged to an unknown location shortly afterwards.

Violent clashes reportedly flared up across al-Khalil city, where the IOF troops attacked Palestinian civilians, family homes, and schoolchildren with randomly-shot spates of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets.

A number of schoolchildren choked on tear gas in the process.

The assault culminated in a flying checkpoint abruptly pitched by the Israeli troops on the access road between northern al-Khalil and Bethlehem.

Over recent days, a number of Palestinian children and youths were kidnapped by the IOF in ongoing clashes across the West Bank.

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