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Iran Army to launch rapid response wargames in west, northwest Iran

18 October 2015 9:06


Iranian Army will hold the Muharram maneuver in the western and northwestern parts of the country on Monday and Tuesday, a ranking commander said.

Army to launch rapid response wargames in west, northwest Iran
‘The wargame will be carried out by the Ground Force, Air Force, and Khatm-ul-Anbia Air Defense Headquarters,’ Army’s Executive Deputy Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Mahmoudi told reporters on Saturday.

‘It is a hard and tough rapid response maneuver in which defensive, radar, and missile systems, Air Force bases, commandos, Army Airforce, and UAV units will take part,’ he added.

General Mahmoudi said the two-day wargames have a security-defensive approach and will employ Army’s latest achievements.

Based on the Supreme Leader’s guidelines, he said, the maneuver maps the real operational theater and will empoly bomber, offensive, tanker, and transport planes as well as advanced radar, missile and artillery systems.

Army’s First Deputy Commander Brigadier General Kiomars Heydari also said that Iran’s rapid reponose paltoons are formed according to the nature of threats.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Muharram maneuver press conference, he said Iran’s rapid response troopers who have passed special trainings are armed with the latest home-made equipment including RPG-29 rocket launchers.

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