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Syrian Army Marching on Terrorist-Held Regions in Homs Province

18 October 2015 9:09


The Syrian Army announced on Saturday that its forces have recaptured more territories from the militant groups in the Central province of Homs, leaving tens of the terrorists dead or injured.

Army sources said that the Northwestern parts of Homs city were the scenes of heavy clashes between the Syrian army troops and the terrorist groups, who were pushed back from

three blocks of buildings at the train station in Jawalak area and three more blocks near Snaisel village.

The sources added that the abovementioned areas are now under full control of the Syrian army, and the country’s soldiers are fortifying their positions in the newly-recaptured areas.

On Friday, the Syrian Army identified an important supply convoy of the militant groups in the Northern parts of the Central Homs province and destroyed it in an attack.

The sources said that a long convoy of the militants’ vehicles, loaded with weapons and ammunition, were targeted and destroyed in the Syrian army troops’ offensive in Dar al-Kabira.

The sources further added that tens of terrorists were also killed in the Syrian soldiers’ attack.

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