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Tens of Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Counter-Attack near Aleppo

18 October 2015 20:26



The Syrian Army troops repelled the massive attacks of the terrorists groups in areas near the Northern city of Aleppo, and killed scores of the militants, local sources announced on Sunday.

The sources said that the Syrian soldiers fended off the militants’ assaults in surrounding areas of the Aleppo air force academy and killed dozens of them in their counter-assault.

The sources added that the militants left behind scores of killed or wounded members and pushed back the remaining forces from the battlefront.

On Saturday, sources said that the Takfiri terrorists are on the run to save their lives after suffering heavy casualties in Syria’s Province of Aleppo as the Syrian army, backed by Russian warplanes.

The Syrian army forces alongside the Lebanese Hezbollah forces struck heavy blows at the Takfiri militants with the Russian air backup, forcing the Takfiri militants to retreat from the province, reports said Saturday.

The Syrian Armed Forces announced on Saturday that the army troops’ operations in the Southeastern territories of the Northern province of Aleppo have resulted in the full recapture of al-Huwayjinah town and its surrounding areas.

The army said that the Syrian ground forces stormed the militant groups’ strongholds in al-Huwayjinah with the Russian fighter jets’ backup and retook full control over the town after fierce clashes.

The sources added that the militant groups in the nearby battlefronts of al-Huwayjinah sustained heavy casualties in the Syrian army’s today operations.

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