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Iraqi Forces Retake 95% of Ta’mim District

19 October 2015 18:50


The Iraqi forces managed to purge 95% of al-Ta’mim District in Salahuddin Province of the terrorists, reports said Monday.

The Iraqi forces have started the second phase of the military operations dubbed “Labaik Ya Rasool Allah” or “At your command, messenger of God” in the center of Baiji city on Sunday night, and managed to regain control of large parts of al-Ta’mim.

Reports said the Iraqi forces now control 95% of the district.

Scattered clashes reportedly continue in al-Ta’mim and al-Askari districts.

On Monday, the Iraqi forces have also liberated the village of al-Salam from the control of the Takfiris after hours of fighting against the militants.

Meanwhile, the forces managed to recapture the ISIL-held areas in Albu Jawari village just East of the oil refinery of Beiji on Sunday as it continue to advance in Salahuddin province.

After Beiji city and its northern areas will be purged of the terrorists and advances are made towards al-Shirqat city, the terrorists in Hamrin Mountains, al-Hawija city and the village of al-Bashir in Kirkuk province will be completely surrounded.

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