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Israelis in Fear: Mob Beats Eritrean Thinking He Was Beersheba Attacker

19 October 2015 18:56


The Israelis are living in Fear and confusion as the Palestinians are carrying out different kinds of heroic attacks against the occupiers.

On Sunday night, and during the attack on Beersheba bus station attack, a mob beat an Eritrean man to death after being shot by an occupation soldier who thought the man was a second attacker.

Eritrean mistakenly shot during Beersheba attackVideo that spread online appears to show the Eritrean lying on the ground after being shot and being kicked in the head and body by angry bystanders.

Police have not said whether anyone was arrested over the shooting and beating of the Eritrean.

Israeli media described him as an asylum seeker, like many Eritreans who have come to the Zionist entity.

Earlier, a Palestinian youth, Mohannad Al-Aqaby, 21, armed with a knife stabbed three Israeli soldiers before taking the weapon of one of them and killing him.

He was martyred aftetr being shot by occupation police, Israeli media reported. At least 11 people, including soldiers were injured in the attack.

Source: AFP

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