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New Revelations about the Mina Disaster

19 October 2015 20:52

New Revelations about the Mina Disaster

New Revelations about the Mina Disaster


The medical head of the Pilgrimage center of the Islamic Republic Red Crescent about the role of Saudis in Mina disaster said that if we do not consider it as a plot, we can firmly say that there has been mismanagement in controlling and conducting that crowed of Pilgrims (Hajis).

Seyyed Ali Maraashi in an interview With Al-Alam News Network’s “Min-Tehran” Program said that many of Iranian Hajis died because of Saudi’s prevention of medical intervention while the pilgrims could potentially be saved.

Maraashi added that from the beginning the Saudis prevented ambulances to enter the scene and even they did not allow our rescuers who had worn Red Crescent covers to come and help. He said that while our distance from the scene of the disaster was more that the nearest hospitals but our rescuers attended the scene within 4 to 5 minutes. For Saudis it was much easier to attend the scene but it took more than one hour for their ambulances to come.

About Saudis indifference in Mina disaster Maraashi said that in my opinion Saudi’s first default in providing security for the pilgrims was their indifference in notifying the density of population on streets 204 and 233 and they should have prevented that density and should have conducted the population to other streets.

He said that unfortunately after the death of a large number of Hajis   Saudi Arabia did not have a proper management for the bodies.

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