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Hezbollah official: Resistance increased feelings of annihilation among Zionists

20 October 2015 20:36


Top Hezbollah official referred to the increasing feelings of annihilation among the Zionist forces vowing the coming liberation of Al Quds.

Seyyed Hashem Safieddin, Hezbollah head of executive council, noted that the image of Hezbollah has changed in the eyes of the Zionists and vowed the coming freedom of Al Quds and also annihilation of the Zionists, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Hezbollah top official said,” Following the struggles of the resistance, Saudi rulers will have no achievement but disappointment and failure.”

“Resistance, having created a unified and free nation, has overcome desperation.” Said the scholar and added,” Now the leaders, nations, martyrs, patience and the warriors are the major factors behind the determination and power of Hezbollah.”

He said,” Resistance, with its knowledge and proper scheduling, proved its perfect understanding of the past and present events in the region.”

This executive official noted,” We can change any equation through sufficient knowledge and proper scheduling.” and added,” Today we have to manifest show off all capabilities and achievements of Hezbollah to the nation.”

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