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Lawyers call for Saudi inquiry to human tragedy in holy Mecca

20 October 2015 20:40


Iranian lawyers counselling the families of Hajj pilgrims died in Saudi Arabia called for Saudi formal inquiry to the tragedy in presence of representatives from Iran and other countries which lost nationals in Hajj pilgrimage.

Lawyers call for Saudi inquiry to human tragedy in holy Mecca
The lawyers said that believe Saudi government was responsible for the deaths of loved ones of the families, so fact-finding committee needs to be formed to investigate the case.

Former dean of Tehran University’s Faculty of Law Sheikh Fazlollah Moussavi said that in case of such catastrophes a fact-finding committee usually examines the case and pay the reparation for the families.

Moussavi said Saudi government is accountable before the Customary International Law for safety of foreign nationals, especially tourists, and most importantly, the Hajj pilgrims.

Meanwhile, member of the board of instructors of al-Zahra University of Tehran Seyedeh Latifeh Hosseini delivered a speech on responsibility of the host government in the contxt of Responsibility of the Governments formulated by the International Law Commission in 2001 and the Customary International Law, the Saudi government should pay reparations to the bereaved families.

She said that Saudi government had fallen short of honoring rights of the pilgrims in general and based on the human rights conventions and guaranteeing safety of foreign nationals.

She said that the Customary International Law obliges the Saudi government to probe the human tragedy after it happened and pay reparations.

He said Saudi government also fell short of predicting such a tragedy may happen.

Member of board of instructors of Tehran University’s faculty of law, Abbas Karimi said that in a humiliating speech after eruption of the tragedy, Saudi Mufti blamed Hajj pilgrims for their deaths.

Karimi said number of Hajj pilgrims was times less than that in the past years and the Saudi government was responsible for taking measures to prevent such high magnitude human loss to happen.

Head of the University of Judicial Sciences and Administrative Services, Mohammad-Javad Shariat Baqeri, was another lecturer in the seminar.

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